Published by Gabrielle Evans on 6th Oct 2020

The recent Netflix series, "Get Organized With The Home Edit", has taken the world by storm. It's this year's inspiration to curating a well ordered home and considering that we've all spent alot more time in our homes and in our kitchens this year, we've seen our customers get excited with having their kitchens looking tidy and well arranged.

There's nothing like wanting to get something out of the cupboard and finding it exactly where you expect it to be - easy to find and clearly labeled. This goes for your dry goods as well as spices and cooking ingredients. Messy shelves create stress and result in foods being wasted due to spoilage or simply being forgotten and going out of date!

To avoid the mental stress that we all associate with clutter, firstly you need identify which foods you use most regularly and have them somewhere accessible. Open shelves are a great place to store these everyday items and having something beautiful to store them in will motivate you to keep everything in its place.

Glass jars will last forever and will never go out of fashion. Here are our top picks:

The classic Fido flip top jars and Maxwell and Williams Olde Storage Jars are square so they don't waste any space and sit nicely on a shelf. The clean lines and retro design of Weck jars make them a popular choice for both food storage and preserving. The easily recognisable Italian Quattro jars are great for presenting a gift in and the twist top makes for easy access. Finally, Luigi Bormioli, with their 25 generations as glass makers have designed a great jar that is suitable for storing, preserving and transporting food.

All glass jars come with replaceable lids or seals so once purchased, are something you will keep for life. After you've taken a good inventory of what you use regularly, come and see our range of jars to see what sizes and styles best suit your space. In our bulk foods section we will weigh your empty jars and you can fill them with the dry goods you need.

This sets you up with the easiest way to do your weekly shop...

1. When you run out of something, pop the jar in your reusable shopping bags so you know you need it.

2. After you take your groceries home, there's no transferring from paper or plastic bags into jars, just put them straight back into the pantry!

It's a simple, inexpensive and waste-free way of getting your organic goodies home to your very organised and beautiful kitchen.