Grow Your Own Food On Your Kitchen Bench

Published by Gabrielle Evans on 15th Feb 2014

In just a small space in your kitchen you can use sunlight and water to turn dried seeds, grains and pulses into nutritional powerhouses. When a plant makes a seed it is preparing for the next generation, filling the seed with all the information and energy that a plant needs to grow a whole new plant. Sprouting is essentially waking up these seeds and instead of planting them out and growing a whole new plant, you can eat them as is and get a really nutritionally dense ingredient. 

Sprouts are better eaten raw so you can add them to salads, roast veggies or stir-fries and soups at the end to get the best benefits. You need to use ideally organic unhulled seeds, grains or pulses. Check out the poster in our bulk food section to get an idea about what seeds you can sprout and how long it takes. Many of the lentils and pulses in our bulk foods section are ready to sprout and in our gardening section we have more options for you to try.