How To Choose A Market Basket

How To Choose A Market Basket

Published by Gabrielle Evans on 15th Jul 2020

We’ve come a long way since the single use plastic bag ban came into effect in Queensland in July 2018. In only two years, most Queenslanders have been well trained to think ahead before heading out to do their weekly grocery shop and most even have a little fold up reusable bag in the car or handbag for those last minute purchases.

For your big weekly shop, it can be daunting to think about lugging all that heavy food about. Hand woven baskets with natural fibres such as the Robert Gordon trademark market basket or some of the colourful African baskets definitely have bohemian feel about them and look amazing. They can be doubled as a nappy bag, handbag or even a little overnight bag that you can throw a few essentials in. For those wanting to carry a market basket but are conscious of the heat affecting their produce, Sachi make a fabulous insulated basket which folds down flat and is also very handy for picnics.

For those who don’t own a trolley, you might find yourselves swearing at them as you trip over them at the markets but there really is nothing more practical than being able to drag your shopping around without them weighing down your shoulders. From the White Magic Handy Cart to the German-made Karlstert you will find a range of prices, colours and qualities. New in for us and quickly becoming a favourite is the “OCT” Handy Trolley. We love it because it is reasonable priced, has a really strong base (no dragging), great wheels and lots and lots of pockets!

Most market trolleys are insulated to keep your food and drinks cool and fold down flat so can live in your car boot or a slim cupboard in your house. They are also super handy if you have to take your laundry to a Laundromat, go on regular picnics or need to carry your sports gear.