How To Use A Highlighter

How To Use A Highlighter

Published by Gabrielle Evans on 29th Sep 2020

Just in time for summer, cult beauty brand, Eye of Horus has bought out their exquisite range of liquid highlighters, creating a huge buzz on the internet. Inspired by the movements of the sun, they are highly pigmented and crafted to deliver a radiant, warm, sun-kissed glow to your facial features.

The highlighters are presented in a post-consumer waste container and infused with nourishing, skin-benefiting, bio-available plant collagen to support skin-renewal and elasticity. Available in three shades - dusk bronze, solar quartz and sunset rose - that have been designed to suit all skin types, however if you're wanting to pick just one you can use this handy guide....

Dusk bronze - cooler skin tones

Solar quartz - warmer skin tones

Sunset rose - neutral skin tones

When applying a highlighter, imagine you are standing under a warm light, the highlighter in applied the parts of your face where the light would hit. The top, outside edge of your brow bone, the top of the cheek bone, down the center of your nose and the philtrum which is a less-fun way of saying the lovely little groove in the center of of your top lip.

Restraint is key here as they are so highly pigmented so to avoid looking like a glittery disco diva, (unless that's the look you're going for - in which case is totally fine!) less is more. Simply dot three little dots along the line of the area you want to highlight and use the pads of your finger tips to tap and blend dots together creating a very light shimmer that reflects the light and highlights the natural contours of your beautiful face.

Applying a small amount to your inner eye helps the eyes appear brighter and more vibrant. They can also be applied directly to the body to enhance the shape of features such as shoulder and collar bones or mixed in with a moisturiser to add glow to legs and arms. Come and ask our friendly staff to show you how to use them.