Learning how to put make up on at age 33

Learning how to put make up on at age 33

Published by Gabrielle Evans on 20th Feb 2019

Now that I'm an adult I'm starting to feel comfortable wearing makeup on my face! Sure I played around with it from when I was a teenager until my early twenties but for me, makeup was something for special events, parties or clubbing. Black eye shadow, black eyeliner, black mascara and bronzer was my makeup repertoire and I rarely diversified. I never really felt comfortable wearing makeup during the day either for work or just out and about. Partly because I felt like I was covering myself up and people couldn't see the real me and I worried that everyone would get used to seeing me wearing makeup and when they saw me without it on that they would think that I was extra tired or sick! 

To be honest I also didn't like wearing the makeup that was around back then. Liquid 

foundations were full of junk and hard for me to apply. I pretty much stopped wearing

make up all together for about 10 years. When we opened the organic store, however, I

was happy to discover that there were brands that existed that were Australian, totally 

natural and aligned with my ethics. I was so happy when I discovered mineral 

foundations, confident that they weren't toxic and because they weren't full of fillers, 

were easy to apply without giving that 'cakey' look. 

Lately I have been having a bit more fun with it. Maybe now I am older and DO look 

tired all the time (lol) but I've discovered heaps of cool tips (those make up tutorials do

serve a purpose!) such as simply giving your eyebrows a bit of love, wearing brown 

mascara and wearing just a little bit of blush or bronzer on your eyelids for a flush of 

colour. My new mantra is 'less is more'. It helps to have a selection of really beautiful 

products that work that you can apply with confidence and aren't damaging to your skin 

like we have at Marcia's. One myth about natural cosmetics is that they don't work but 

beautiful brands like Inika, Eye of Horus and Ecominerals work just as well as the 

luxury brands without the price tags and chemicals. I've also changed my mindset 

around it. Now instead of feeling like it's just another social custom that I have to adhere

to, I'm taking more playful approach. Throughout time women have adorned 

themselves in various ways to enhance their natural beauty and in our modern time this 

can be another opportunity to express ourselves and be whatever sort of goddess we 

want to be, without apology and full of self confidence!