Three Things You Need To Make Delicious Coffee At Home

Three Things You Need To Make Delicious Coffee At Home

Published by Gabrielle Evans on 4th Jun 2019

With coffee shops on almost every corner and a multitude of different options to make coffee at home, here’s the low down on coffee making, from beans to brew.

Spending time with a friend in a café is a lovely experience but when we’re needing to drive out to a café to get your coffee fix multiple times a day you might think that there’s an alternative. When it comes to making coffee at home you have a few options.

First things first…COFFEE! We love our coffee. We only sell certified organic and fairtrade coffee in our store sourced from different independent growers. Some are grown within an hour’s drive from Brisbane, some are imported. Buying organic coffee not only avoids consuming chemicals into our body but also protects the environment and the farmers where the coffee is grown and processed.

Secondly… you may choose to buy a coffee that is pre ground but if you are serious about your coffee you will probably end up buying a grinder and grinding your beans freshly each time you make it.

Thirdly… equipment!The most professional option is to get a home machine and although they can be quite expensive new, Gumtree has plenty of good second hand ones available. The next option is the Italian coffee maker, also known as a Moka Pot. This stovetop option can get messy but is a great way of making strong espresso style to which you can add your own milk frothed on the stovetop. For those who like a weaker coffee, a plunger is very easy to use. If you use milk you can just add a dash of milk like you would to a black tea. A new contraption which has a HUGE fan following and is proving to be very popular is the Aeropress. This device uses no electricity but produces an espresso style coffee. All you have to do is load up a shot of ground coffee, top up Aeropress with boiling water and press down with your hand to create pressure and pour your espresso. This is perfect for camping but also very easy for home use.

Quick side note – here at Marcia’s we are all obsessed with medicinal mushrooms and if you really want to feel your body singing, try adding a teaspoon of medicinal mushrooms to your coffee.

Investing in a couple of beautiful mugs is a great way to create a beautiful coffee “time out”. Finding a quiet spot, nestling up with a book and a lovely handmade mug filled with beautiful coffee is one of life’s greatest joys!