What is the difference between organic and non-organic flour?

31st Oct 2018

I remember when I first moved out of home and, when doing my food shopping, I couldn’t understand why anyone would pay $6 for a kilo of flour when you could buy home brand flour for less than $1. I thought all flour was the same and I wouldn't get sucked in by the branding and packaging! Well when we opened the store, I had to understand the difference. Of course, the fact that the wheat is being grown organically plays a role in the price. Synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fumigants are never used which leaves the crop vulnerable to all sorts of diseases and critters so an integrative farming approach must be used. Not only do these chemicals kill unwanted pests, but also are very harmful to the friendly critters such as ladybirds and bees, not to mention the effect it has on our own health. 

Australian Wheat

The organic flour we sell at Marcia's is also stone ground. This process leaves more of the whole grain in the finished product which not only has its health benefits but also creates more depth in flavour. The process of gently removing the bran means your flour never gets bleached or exposed to high heat. We source our flours from local mills and prioritise Australian wheat. With all this care being taken behind the scenes, you can take comfort in knowing that whatever you’re baking will be not only delicious but still retaining a lot of its vitamins and minerals.