Winter Sin Care Guide

Winter Sin Care Guide

Published by Gabrielle Evans on 7th Aug 2019

Brisbane’s dry winter weather is already upon us and our skin is suffering for it! As the temperatures and humidity levels drop our skin loses moisture and a layer of protection. Your skin feels dryer and for some people, more sensitive, itchy and maybe even flaky or cracked. The solution here is to help the skin retain a good level of moisture while encouraging it to try to do that itself.

Simply slathering on a really thick layer of cream will definitely feel good but will confuse the skin into thinking that it doesn’t need to produce as much moisture and thus will become even dryer. The trick is finding the right products to protect your skin against harsh winds and cold and also help your skin learn to balance its moisture levels.

Keeping your moisture levels up is essential. When it’s colder we tend not to drink as much water as we don’t feel as thirsty but sipping on warm herbal or spice blends throughout the day can provide hydration and soothe sore throats. Also, exfoliating those dry dead skin cells away with a gentle facial brush or a scrub can invigorate the skin and help your skincare products be better absorbed. Choosing a thicker cream for winter or keeping the same moisturiser that you use in summer but adding a serum or oil into your skincare routine can also introduce the necessary extra moisture your skin requires. Applying a serum or facial oil before your moisturiser and taking time to massage it in can provide lots of relief from dry, itchy skin.

Finally, while it may be lovely to take those long, hot showers in winter, just remember that it can be another reason why your skin dries out so keeping the exposure of hot water to your face low can help and apply your skincare routine directly after the shower to ensure that moisture is locked in. To keep warm, try taking a luxurious bath instead. For total relaxation, add a handful of Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils. While you are doing your self-care ritual, try a face mask that nourishes instead of detoxifying. Check out our page on our top beauty picks for winter for more tips.